Can I create an E-commerce website?

You can create an e-commerce website. Currently we do not offer the provision to buy or sell...Read more

 Do I have to complete all the steps in one go?

No, it is not mandatory for you to finish all the steps in one go. If you are a registered user,...Read more

 Do I need any technical knowledge?

No, you don't need technical knowledge to create a website here.  Rest assured that all the steps...Read more

 I do not know coding. Can I create a website here?

Of course, you can. No coding knowledge is required to create a website on iJugaad. Read more

 If I leave my progress midway will it go away? Do I have to restart next time?

Your progress will be saved at each point, so worry not about starting over the next time....Read more

 What are the logo files I have to upload?

You have to upload a basic logo of 250X80 pixels, a retina logo of 500X160 pixels and a favicon...Read more

 What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol or a design adopted by an individual or an enterprise to identify their...Read more

 What is iJugaad?

iJugaad works as a XaaS, meaning X as a service. Currently we help you create a web presence....Read more

 What is the size of the logo I should upload?

The basic logo has to be 250X80 pixels. Additionally, a retina logo (which is the same logo but...Read more